Face / corner milling insert | 2-edge-tipped | Cutting edge length: 3,00 mm

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  • MI5910-0065

Technical details:

Sheath Length: 3,00 mm
Cutting Material: CBN-X
Number of Teeth: 2-edge tipped
Cutting Edge Version: edge tipped
ISO-Shape: A (85°)
Clearance: O (11°)
Tolerance: E
Insert Type: X
Insert Size: 07
Insert Thickness: T3 (3,97mm)
Radius: 16 r=1,6

Application range:

  • Cold and Hot Work Steels
  • PM Steels
  • Stainless Steels hardened
  • Tool Steels high-alloy
  • Tool Steels low-alloy

Cutting Condition:

  • continuous cut
  • heavy interrupted cut
  • light interrupted cut