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Clamping adapter, round

for shank diameter 4h6 | with internal cooling right

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  • BA7090-1001
Functional description: Locating pins : Automatic alignment of the center height...more

Technical details:

D1: 4G6
Shank Diameter D2: 16h6
D3: 20,00 mm
L1: 75,00 mm
L2: 48,00 mm
L3: 64,00 mm
L4: 39,00 mm
Product information "Clamping adapter, round"

Clamping Adapter Round

Functional description:

  • Locating pins: Automatic alignment of the center height by means of the locating pins and 45° slope on the tool. Optional second pin can be used for length adjustment.


  • Very good surface on the component
  • Very good dimensional stability
  • Very high repeatability